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What are the DMVs and how you can use them?

The DMVs are queries that allow you to retrieve valuable metadata information about your data model, server operations, and server health. What are the DMVs The DMVs queries are an interface to schema rowsets based on SQL and use a SELECT statement and the $System schema with an XML/A schema rowset, however, they do not support the full syntax of […]

Step-by-step instructions to configure Incremental refresh

In this article, I explain how to set up an incremental refresh in Power BI, the benefits of apply this policy in your data models what are the requirements for it and the important considerations you have to consider. Step-by-step instructions to configure Incremental refresh Incremental refresh policies are defined in Power BI Desktop to […]

Metadata-only deployment using ALM Toolkit

ALM Toolkit is a free and open source tool that facilitates the deployment of Microsoft Power BI datasets, detects differences between source and target datasets, checking for changes to be deployed to help ensure the integrity of the target model. For datasets with incremental refresh policy applied, you must avoid publishing and replacing them with […]

Essential checklist to keep your Power BI Solutions optimized. Part IV. Visualization Good Practices

This last article includes a list of best practices for data visualization. Use filters in your visualizations to reduce the amount of data that display: The more data a visual must display, the slower it will load, so apply filters in the Filters pane, or use Top N, to reduce the number of items displayed. […]

Best Practices to Handle Multiple Fact Tables in Power BI

Scenario 1: Multiple fact tables thar are not related to each other Solution: Relate every dimension with their respective fact tables. Identify the shared dimensions. Relate them with every fact. Sometimes this model is called constellation schema, where each fact table individually is a perfect star schema design because each one is related with a […]

Tools to Analyze the Performance of your Power BI Solution

In this post I’ll show you several tools that can help you analyze the performance of your Power BI solutions at every step of the way, some of them are built-in features and others are free and open source. In this checklist you will find the tools you can use at every step of the […]

Essential checklist to keep your Power BI Solutions optimized. Part II. Data model good practices

This second article will cover best practices and how to reduce the size of your data model. Part II. Reduce Data model size. This list of actions is focused on best practices for designing your data model, optimizing CPU, RAM, and workspace capacity consumption by minimizing memory usage.   Benefits. Reduce space and processing time […]

Microsoft Power Platform Conference #MPCC2022 – Day 1 Recap

What a great first day of the Microsoft Power Platform Conference 2022. A wonderful day full of great speakers! Here’s a brief summary of some of the sessions I attended:  What are Power BI Metrics? - By Treb Gatte  In this session Treb talked about the Power BI metrics and how they can be used [...]

Microsoft Power Platform Conference #MPCC2022 – Day 2 and 3 Recap

Last week was the first Microsoft Power Platform conference with over 150 interesting sessions and 18 workshops, I had the pleasure of meeting new people who share my passion for Power BI, and I met some of the heroes I've been following and learning a lot from like Patrick, Adam and Miri Rodriguez. Yesterday I [...]